Monday, February 2, 2009

Tuition Fee Is Totally Different Between China And U.S.

In China, most parents can offer tuition fee for their children because of low cost. There is a significant difference in middle school between China and America which charges tuition fee ridiculously. This is my first time to visit America and study in America, when I went to Faner Hall to apply my first semester, I stared blankly to Miss Carter by "$2235 for this semester"coming out from her mouth. Even if 2235 RMB I still can't accept, I can't believe this is true. That was my first day making me so loss and unacceptable. In China students just pay $1600 for a whole year to study, live play  and eat on campus. Oppositely In American students should pay $30000 for a whole year in private middle school. Generally American living quality is higher than that in China, but that is a amazing difference. Many students look forward to study in America, but after being informed from colleges they flinch. At the same time, American government rises the exchange rate between dollars and RMB. This is a huge challenge for my mom to support me on substance. I hope that American government will consider to adjust the problems and differences.

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