Monday, January 26, 2009

Phenomenon Of Overpopulation

In the article "Global Overpopulation",a lot of affairs are mentioned by the author. Most people are not going to bear children because of overpopulation of the world. Most people are not educated about our modern-day problem of population which is overpopulation awareness. She also talked about her hometown which has had a big change in the past 20 years. Even though people in the U.S. compose merely 5% of the world's population, they consume approximately 25% of the world's energy. The only method is to be humane and merciful so that the population will be controlled without excess.

In my opinion, one thing that should have been done a few years ago while we realized the population has surged tremendouly is that family planning should be advocated by congress of countries. There is a good example; since China has the largest population, its government dictates a "one family at most one child," but some places with religous and cultural opposition such as India still to not carry out a policy of birth.

In recent, as the price of gas going up continously,we suddenly realize that what is going on. Nowadays, people get nervous because they have less land to live with the growth of population of population. All the world's resources will run out if they still abuse the limited resources. Countries should encourage people to use natural green-energies such as solar energy, wind-energy waterpower and so on so that less pollution will be produced and our climate won't become worse and worse.

Last but not least, government should do something to improve the quality of education, like decreasing tuition fees and letting them have more free time so that they can spend more time helping their families then their parents won't plan to have extra children, teachers will tell students what people should do to make a contribution to society.

In conclusion, I think one family should bear at most one child, and it's everyone's responsibility to protect our environment because the world is everyone's home. The world is being destroyed right now; let us be sane, otherwise we are going to be homeless.

Swann, C. (2000, Sep. 1). Global Overpopulation. .

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