Sunday, February 8, 2009

many troubles because of my poor English

             My flight took off from PVG and that was my first time aboarding to foreign countries! Genuinely to say, I was upset to study in America because of my elementary English level, I had trouble in communicating with American native speakers. When I was on the plane, I got a paper of entering a country which should be filled by every passengers. At that time I couldn't understand a lot of words. Iwas too shy to ask the people on the plane,so I had to take out my electronic dictionary to look up the words. When I arrived ORD airport, I had to wait for a long line to check the paper for entering. But my next desternation is St.lous, I only had 30 minutes to get ready, I was so mad that I didn't what to do. After checking successfully, I couldn't find the aboarding front check, so I went to a elder personnel to ask where is the international aboarding entrance, so he told me "terminal 3"! At that moment I was so afraid of hearing strange vocabularies, I kept on asking 3 times, he told me the same answer! I was so disappointed with my English, I looked the word up again then I arrived No.8 gate. When I showed the flight ticket to assistant. I was mad to hear "I am sorry that your ticket is overdue the plane has already taken off" . After saying that he tore my ticket, I was startled to see that, I almost shed tears, but just one second he gave me a new ticket, I was amazed to get a new ticket for free! Even though there were many accidents happening in this journey, finally I got to St.lous successfully! I lived in super 8 motal for 2 days then I moved into dormitary! I was satisfied with my dorm and soon I made a lot of friends. Even though I had a strong desire to go to SIU, I still submitted to take CESL first. Now I am in EAP2, hopefully I will go to SIU after this semster, everything is do well. With my English improving, I can do conversation with native speakers without any trouble plainly. I should thank CESL for educating me so far.

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  1. I'm sorry that you had such a frustrating experience! I'm glad that you were able to get here though!!