Sunday, February 22, 2009

I was anxiety about the NBA Finals last season

Last season, there were 2 teams competing for 2008 champion. I was excited that one of them is my favorate basketball team. East region champion is Celtics and west champion is Lakers. In my opinion Kobe Byrant is the best player in NBA right now and he is leading a brilliant team, that is why I supported Lakers. Even though Celtics had big 3, Lakers had more rates to beat them. One bad situation for Lakers is their main center couldn't play because his leg was hurt. these two teams are two most champions's teams. Lakers's coach Jackson is one of the famous coach in NBA. He created Bull's dynasty. Michael Jordan was best player in Bull at that time. He got 6 champions for Bull. Right now Jackson is creating a new dynasty for Lakers. He has the best player who is most likely to Jordan. The most sucks game was in Stamples Center, Lakers had biggest lead about 24 points. Finally Celtics took turn for worse and won the game. I was surprised that how did Celtics do like this? How did such old players do this? Lakers were so careless that they had to recieve failure. At that time, I wanted to encourage Kobe to do well and hopefully I wanted to join Lakers and played with them. I am just a Lakers fan. With all Chinese Lakers fans' hope, Kobe had stress to access to champion. I bet on Lakers when they started Finals. After lakers lost Finals, I got absolutely nurvous in front of my classmates. This season I still bet on Lakers and They are stronger than last season.

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  1. I was able to follow you even though I am not that informed about basketball.
    It's a pity that your team lost, but I'm glad you are a faithful fan!