Monday, January 26, 2009

My father lived only in my childhood

I remembered  I had a nice and vague childhood which would be saved in my brain throughout my life. My mom didn't tell me how do mom and dady meet, and I wasn't interested in it,because mom and I were not a same generation. I am a 21th century teenager, My dreams are different from elders'.My dady was a hard-work man, he could do every things that are hard , difficult and women's works, he didn't complain about it,he is very kind man. When mom worked outside ,dady washed clothes, cleaned rooms and took me to schools, I felt grateful at that time. As time went quickly, the problem was coming. My mom owned a big store and earned a lot of money, my mon's skills and abilities threaten my grandmother's status in my house. My grandmother always thought herself was a leader in my house, every decisions should be made by herself, otherwise things couldn't be done. My mom thought grandmother was getting older and older, she might make mistakes on decisions,and neighbors often think dady was a housewife,because dady only earned much less money than mom. Mom usually argued with grandmother on many views while mom coming back. Mom couldn't endure these bad situaions, suddenly she made a shocking decision . She was gonna get divorced with my dady. Dady confessed that he couldn't stop campaign between mom and grandmother and he couldn't to be a man who could support a family as a common family. At that moment I was too young to know and distinguish what happened in my family! Finally I lived with my mom and I was looking forward to a new father who can be better than mom on business. Now I realize even if I was born by my pre-father, I am still his son no matter how far we are living from each other. If there was no custody of my dady, I couldn't live as same as other children. I wanna say:"Thank you my real dady, I bless you to enjoy yourself in rest of your life.

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  1. This is an incredible story! I'm glad that you still have pleasant feelings towards your birth father.