Sunday, March 1, 2009

This is my last term in CESL

I have been in CESL since last year in Augest. I have both good and bad memory in CESL. First, I'd like to talk about my good memory in CESL. when I came to the CESL office first time, I couldn't use English to express my own opinion and response questions. The stuffs in CESL are very kind to students, they try their best to teach and talk in the most clear and efficient way. Sometimes on weekdays' nights CESL organize an film night so that students can watch American films and enjoy English atomsphere. On weekends CESL also organize students and teachers play togother in CESL hallway and a nice trip to other city. Recently I had troubles in booking air ticket and I went to Tiffany's office to ask her help. She not only left her work but also explained to me patiently then I booked m ticket successfully. The most important thing I have to mention is there are many christian and they are very kind everywhere. Every sunday I go to church and have bible study so that I improve my English skill. One week ago I have a conversation parter. I was surprised to hear that. Now my English has increased tremendously. I was so that I can talk with a native speaker regulary. The bad memory is that I don't think that textbook is match to every students. For example, there are many topics in textbooks such environment, energy, population, industry and so on. I am 18 years old. I have not studied in college and I am really not interested in these topics. My major is pre-medicine. In my classes, I almost felt asleep when teacher discussed the topics. I hope that I can get out of CESL as soon as possible then to be a SIU student.

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  1. I hope you do well on your TOEFL! I'm sure you will!